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Adventures in the old Silvermine The miningsociety Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln says welcome to you with a Glück Auf . Firmtours, classoutings, familyexcursions and –parties, grouptours: our mine is a place where you can have a romantic and (rustical) adventure together.   You have only to test us ! Go into the mountain by boat with us and explore the trails of the past: geology, history, technology. Businesshours: Sunday-Friday:            Only afterenrolment in time  Dezember-Februar:     Only afterenrolment in time  Saturday:                      Guided Tours: 10.00 am; 1.00 pm                                        Groups of more than 10 persons please enrol in time;                                        out of these times nonly after enrolment in time. Holidays:                      Easter and Whitsun :                                        Guided Tours: 10.00 am ; 1.00 pm ; 3.00 pm                                        Guided tours on other holidays only after                                        enrolment in time                            
The “Herrmann-Schachthaus” Home for miningsociety “ Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln” e.V.; Startpoint Guided Tours.
Besucherbergwerk  Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln  Schönborn / Sachsen Mail:  ahe@schaubergwerk.de         Fon: Germany 03727 / 91845 Post:  Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln e.V.   Feldstraße 15   OT Schönborn  09661 Rossau  
Glück Auf!  Welcome of ours Homepage. 
Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln e.V. - Schönborn
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